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Upgrade of a Boiler System

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Upgrade of a Boiler System
A client in the forging industry hired the WHESCO Group, Inc. to upgrade their existing boiler system. The customer's goal was to run all eight of their hammers at once on one boiler with 100% backup to ensure they never lose production.

Our engineering and design team generated detailed CAD drawings based on their specifications and engineered the system, which included fabricating a custom control panel per boiler. We provided programming and the system included a flame safeguard package coupled with the logic for combustion controls. We then installed the system and performed the start-up.

All of the relevant documentation was provided including: complete diagrams, layouts, and operation manuals. There were a number of special features that made our system superior to their previous one, such as upgrading the feed water system. 

As a result, plant production increased by 15% and our client experiences lower energy costs and reduced fuel consumptions, as they had hoped.

The client was thrilled with the results of our work, and their expectations were surpassed. To learn more about this particular project, or for more information on our other products and services, please contact Whesco Group, Inc.

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Boiler System Upgrade Project Highlights

Product Description We upgraded an existing boiler system for a forging house. The system was designed to be much more efficient than the existing system and save our client money on energy costs. Our client's goal was to run all 8 of their hammers at once on one boiler with backup.
System Upgrade Capabilities Applied & Processes System Design
  • Engineering of System
  • Generate Detailed CAD Drawings of System
Panel Fabrication
  • Fabricate Custom Panel for Controls
Control System Programming
  • Our system included a Fireye E110 flame safeguard package coupled with the Allen Bradley CompactLogix for combustion controls. The system is parallel positioning with oxygen trim, three-element feedwater and has draft control with a VFD (variable frequency drive)
  • Wiring Diagrams
  • Control Panel Layouts
  • Operation and Maintenance Manual
Features/Specifications Allen Bradley Micro Processor Based System
  • Provides Integrated Boiler & Plant Functions Package
  • Utilizes a CompactLogix Processor w/ Required Input/Output Modules
Combustion Controls will be Parallel Positioning w/ Oxygen Trim
Three-Element Boiler Feedwater System
Furnace Pressure Control System
All Existing Actuators for Jackshaft, Forced Draft Damper and Boiler Outlet Dampers Changed to Beck Model 11-159
Increased Plant Production Rate by 15%
Lower Energy Costs
Reduced Fuel Consumption
Industry for Use Forging
Turn Around Time 12 to 14 Weeks From Receipt of Purchase Order
Delivery Location West Allis, Wisconsin
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Project Name Upgrade of Existing Boiler System

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