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Custom Designed Heat Recovery System

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Custom Designed Heat Recovery System
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Custom Fabricated & Designed Heat Recovery System
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Custom Designed Heat Recovery System - Duct Work

A company in the metal casting industry had a need to recover heat rejected from a high temperature cast spinning process.

We designed and engineered a system that included an air to air heat exchanger that transferred the energy from the exhaust flue gas stream to a fresh air make-up unit or diverting flow based on indoor room temperature.

The custom control system activates dampers to automatically modulate the exhaust air through each season to maintain set point from 100% outside air for ventilation during the summer to 100% recirculation if needed to satisfy winter loads.

Operating 24/7 provided a significant natural gas savings.

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Highlights of this Custom Designed Heat Recovery System

Product DescriptionWe designed this heat recovery system for a filtration company. This system was designed to recover heat from high temperature cast spinning process.
Custom Design Capabilities & Applied/Processes
System Design/Upgrade
  • Engineering of System
  • Generate Detailed CAD Drawings of System
Control System Programming
Fabrication of Control panel
  • System Check
  • Testing
  • Balancing

Air to Air Heat Exchanger:

  • 17,500 CFM Exhaust and Supply Air
  • 2,604,648 BTUH Heat Recovered
  • Double Wall Cabinet, 2" w/ 1" 1.5lbs Insulation
  • Wired to Meet UL805A and/or NEC
Remote Control Panel
  • 36"x30"x10" Hoffman NEMA 12 Panel
  • Allen-Bradley 30Hp Frequency Drive for Supply Fan
  • Allen Bradley 15Hp Variable Frequency Drive for Exhaust Fan
  • Allen Bradley Model 1100 MicroLogix Programmable Controller W/I/O Modules Input & Output
  • Allen Bradley 550 6" Panel View
  • (1) Air Intake Damper
  • (1) 42" x 32" High Temperature Supply Air Damper
BenefitsApproximately 2,600,000 BTUH for a Natural gas Savings of $92,000/Year Operating 24/7
In process testing/inspection performed Performed system check, testing and balancing per previous statement
Industry for UseFiltration
Turn Around Time10 to 12 Weeks
Delivery LocationWatertown, Wisconsin
Standards MetCustomer supplied specifications
Project NameCustom Design Air to Air Heat Recovery System

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