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Custom Engineered Dust Collection System

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Custom Engineered Dust Collection System
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Dust Collection Unit
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Custom Engineered Dust Collection System
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Custom Dust Suppression Unit

WHESCO Group, Inc. was hired to custom engineer this upgraded dust collection system for use within a foundry. The process included complete design and engineering of the system according to our client's specifications. We also provided programming of the control system, performed start-up operations and training. We supplied them with full documentation, detailing operation and maintenance.

There were many special features included that were designed to meet the client's specifications: an improved dust collection baghouse, a rotary airlock feeder, a centrifugal fan, an airguard side access safety filter housing, and two access doors. Within these doors was a remote panel with a photohelic gage with an alarm for excessive filter pressure drop.

In addition to an improved overall design and functionality, our product provided a natural gas savings for our client.  The system will provide a $30,000 per year savings payback within five years. They are extremely pleased with all aspects of the project, including the cost effectiveness of it.

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Dust Collection System Design Project Highlights

Product Description We designed this dust collection system for use within a foundry.
Custom Engineering Capabilities & Applied/Processes
System Design/Upgrade
  • Engineering of System
  • Generate Detailed CAD Drawings of System
Control System Programming
Features/SpecificationsDust Collection Baghouse
  • 20,000 CFM @ -20" WC
  • 12 gauge HRS Hopper w/ 30" Diameter Inlet
  • Walk-In Plenum w/ Top Bag Removal
  • Remote Pane w/ Photohelic Gage for On-Demand Pulse Control
  • Service Platform w/ Ladder
Rotary Airlock Feeder
  • 1 Hp TEFC Motor
  • Cast Iron Housing and End Plates
  • 6 Vane Mild Steel Rotor
  • Enclosed Drive Guard
Centrifugal Fan
  • 20,000 CFM
  • @ 13" WC
  • 60 Hp
  • 1,877 RPM
  • Belt & Shaft Guard
  • Bolted Access Door
  • Constant Speed Drive
Airguard side access safety filter housing
2 Access Doors
  • Photohelic gage in Remote Panel w/ Alarm for Excessive Filter Pressure Drop
BenefitsNatural Gas Savings for 24/7 Winter Use: $30,000/Year
Payback within 5 Years
In process testing/inspection performedBalancing of Ductwork
Industry for UseFoundry
Turn Around Time6 to 7 Weeks
Delivery LocationLannon, Wisconsin
Standards MetCustomer supplied specifications
Project NameCustom Designed Dust Collection System

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