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Custom Engineering & Design of an Air Handling System

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Custom Engineering & Design of an Air Handling System

A customer in the custom coatings industry came to the WHESCO Group, Inc. in need of a custom engineered and designed air handling system with controls. The system needed to provide specific heating, cooling, and humidity control for specialized coatings, which were to be applied to stealth aircraft. Working with the client's many specifications and needs, we created an air handling system designed to fit within all of their requirements that would be an improvement over their former system. It was designed with an air to air heat exchanger which achieved a control range of 65°-85°F at 30-50%RH, while reducing the incoming air temperature by 15°F. We added humidity to the system to reach the 30-50%RH and implemented other specific features. Part of the project included field programming, and instructing the client on the prep, spray, and cure cycles using the touchscreen control system. We provided them with full documentation on all processes and elements of their new system.

According to their unique specifications, we included a number of features, including two make-up air units with four specifications; make-up air supply fan VFDs, exhaust fan VFDs, and recirculation fan VFDs; and a high-tech control panel. This new system offers a wide range of benefits to our client. It proves to be highly economical, providing an energy savings of 100%. It also operates at 65 tons of cooling, versus 300 tons in the old system. Our client is extremely satisfied with all of the benefits and with the overall design of the system.

To learn more about this custom project, or for more information on our other products and services, please contact Whesco Group, Inc.

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Project Highlights of this Custom Engineered & Designed Project

Product Description We designed a custom air handling system and controls in order to provide specific heating/cooling/humidity control for specialized coatings to be applied to stealth aircraft.
Custom Engineering & Design Capabilities Applied & Processes System Design
  • Designed to achieve a design control range of 65-85°F at 30-50%RH
  • Reduced incoming air temperature by 15°F, utilizing an air to air heat exchanger in booth exhaust
  • Engineering of System
  • Designed to be Very Economical
  • Drop Overall Temperature in the Booth Exhaust Heat Exchanger by 15°F
  • Reducing Total Tonnage of Cooling @ Operating Temperature by 70%
  • Add Humidity to the System to Get from 9%RH to 35-50%RH
  • Generate Detailed CAD Drawings of System
Control System Programming
Panel Fabrication
  • Start-Up and Balancing of Make Up Air Unit, Field Programming
  • Included a Day to Instruct Operations in Prep, Spray and Cure Cycles of Operation on Touchscreen Control System
  • PLC controls


  • Process and instrumentation diagrams
  • Refrigerant interconnect diagrams
  • Piping layout drawings
  • Electrical interconnect drawings
  • Single line electrical drawings
  • PLC programming
  • Sequence of operation
  • Two make-up air units with five major components
    • Inlet damper/filters
    • Hot water pre-heat coil
    • Evaporative humidifier
    • Direct expansion cooling coil
    • Supply air fan
  • Two 30 HP make-up air unit supply fan VFDs with circuit breaker protection and Ethernet connection
  • Two 40 HP make-up air unit exhaust fan VFDs with circuit breaker protection and Ethernet connection
  • Six 50 HP recirculation fan VFDs with circuit breaker protection and Ethernet connection
  • Control panel
    • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with 15" touchscreen industrial computer operator interface
    • Status and alarm screens for all system functions
    • Modem package for remote monitoring
    • Pressure indicator for booth pressure
    • Three stage exhaust filter monitoring (2)
    • I/O for all booth operating and alarm functions
    • FactoryTalk View software
Benefits Operates at 65 Tons of Cooling Versus 300 Tons in the Old System
Provided a Huge Energy Savings of 100% to Our Client
Industry for Use Custom Coating
Turn Around Time 10 to 12 weeks after approval
Delivery Location Nevada
Standards Met Customer supplied specifications
Project Name Design of Custom Air Handling System

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