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Design Upgrade of a Boiler and HVAC System

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Upgrade of Boiler System
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Custom Design & Fabrication HVAC Unit
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Design Upgrade of Boiler and HVAC System - Duct Work
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Helicopter Delivering HVAC unit on roof

WHESCO Group, Inc. was approached by a client in the security industry to design an upgrade for a boiler and HVAC system. Their goal was to improve efficiency while saving money on their energy costs.

We worked closely with them, adhering to all of their specifications, while completing work without the need for the customer to shut down their plant.

After designing the system's features it was subjected to a plan review by the state of Wisconsin, which was required to obtain the proper permits.

We replaced the plant steam heating and ventilation make-up air units with direct-fired natural gas units, and made other necessary replacements and adjustments to their system. We then fabricated new sheet metal drops, removed their old boilers, and installed replacements, along with the rest of the new components. Finally, we installed the system and was then integrated into a new automation system.

The fabrication and installation process also included training of our client's technicians, and furnishing documentation on all aspects of their new boiler and HVAC system.

The finished upgrades meet all of the customer's goals. It was a far superior system which provides 98% efficiency. To find out more about this boiler and HVAC system upgrade, or for more information on our other services, please contact Whesco Group, Inc.

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Boiler and HVAC System Upgrade Project Highlights

Product Description We designed an upgraded boiler and HVAC system for a security company, to improve their efficiency and save them money on energy costs. All of this work was completed without a plant shutdown.
Capabilities Applied/Processes System Design/Upgrade
  • Engineering of System
  • Generate Detailed CAD Drawings of System
  • State Approved Plan Review
  • Gain Proper Permits
  • Replace Plant Steam Heating and Ventilation Make-Up Air Units w/ Direct Fired Natural Gas Units
  • Provide Make-Up Air/Recirculation Oil Mist Filter Units for Die Cast Area
  • Replace the Absorption Chiller w/ a Conventional Air Cooled Scroll Packaged Chiller
  • Replace (2) 500 HP boilers with (2) 300 HP boilers
Trane system for HVAC and Siemens package for boiler controls
  • Fabricate New Sheet Metal Drops for Make-Up Air Units
  • Furnish and Install 20 Variable Air Volume Single Duct Air Terminals Units and Variable Frequency Drive
  • Remove Existing 500 Hp Boilers (2) with Riello
  • Install New 300 Hp Boiler Systems (2)
  • Install Oxygen Trim to Optimize Combustion Performance on both boilers
  • Installed New Deaerator Controls to Optimize the Existing Feedwater System on both boilers
  • Install 9 Rooftop Units
    • Reinforce and Add Framing
    • Cut Holes in Roof
    • Set New Curbs
    • Roofing of all Curbs
    • Gas Piping from Existing Main through Roof to each Unit
  • Furnish and Install Automation System
    • Mounting, Wiring and Install of Temperature Controls
Unloading of Make-Up Air Units by Helicopter onto Roof
Crane Rental
  • Siring Diagrams
  • Plan Drawings for Boiler Room Layout, Operation
  • Maintenance Manuals
Features/SpecificationsDie Cast Area
Direct Fired Gas Units (9)
  • Single 25" Blower
  • 20,000 CFM Each
  • 15 Hp Motor
  • Intake Hood W/ Filters
  • Static Pressure Recirculating Damper Control
  • Extended Grease Lines
  • Internal Insulation W/ Liner
  • Fabric Diffusion Ducts
  • High and Low Pressure Switches
  • Gas Pressure Regulator
  • Clogged Filter Switch
  • Internal Down Discharge Damper
  • Recirculating Damper
  • 2" Cleanable Return Air Filter Section for 7 Units
  • Freezestat
  • Convenience Outlet for Heater Enclosure
  • 24" Roof Curb
Automation System
  • Check:
    • Fan Status
    • DA Temperature
    • RA Temperature
    • Outside Air Temperature
    • Discharge Temperature Set Point
    • Zone Temperature Outside Air Damper
    • Recircultated Air Damper
  • Building Control Unit
  • Workstation Graphics
  • Internet Monitoring
Boiler system
(2) Hurst 300 HP 4-pass wetback low pressure steam boilers with Riello RS 300EV gas burners with
  • Modulating feedwater valves
  • Feedwater flow meters
  • Feedwater level controls with high and low water level alarms
  • Gas flow meters
  • Linkageless control system
  • VFD on combustion air supply
Main control panel to monitor all boiler functions and manually or automatically switch boilers between lead/lag
(1) Precision deaerator, spray-type, 20,000 PPH
  • Can utilize R.O. or softened water
BenefitsDirect Fire HVAC Equipment Provide 98% Efficiency
Industry for UseSecurity
Turn Around Time8 Weeks After Engineered Drawings Approved
Delivery LocationMilwaukee, Wisconsin
Standards MetCustomer supplied specifications
Project NameDesign of Upgraded HVAC System

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